Table of Contents



1.To continue the story of Indian Lake's early years,read about the Porters and Lockes.  

2. Find out about Sabael Benedict .                       

3. The Rists were the first settlers after Sabael .  

4. See a list of Indian Lake's Supervisors.              

5. Indian Lake Town Clerks.                                     

6. Early Indian Lake High School graduates.       

  7. The story of Emma Meade                                     

8. Indian Lake men talk it over.                              

 9. Ste. Marie's Store .                                                    

10. Locke Hotel .                                                             

11.The Class of 1908.                          

12.Three Indian Lake women.                                   

13. Three Indian Lakers.                                              

14. Edith Persons.              

15. Indian Lake Postmasters                                          

16. See where people lived in 1878,and how much land they had.

17. Lot map to find where some people listed in 1878 assessment lived.

18. The Camps,descendants of Sabael.

19. Cemeteries of Indian Lake and Blue Mt. Lake

20. 1894 Audit of Indian Lake