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Gravesite of Lewis Elijah Benedict - A son of the Indian Sabael [1797-1860],aka Lazare Panadis. Grave marked by a tear-shaped rock with a hole in its center. It is located west of the Ranger's home at Durant Lake.

Gravesite of Johnnie Lindsey - " Johnnie H. Lindsey died Oct.6,1888  ae. 10 years,1 M & 22 Ds. On Durant 
Road,in Blue Mt. Lake,next to the telephone building.

Porter family cemetery - east side of Lake Shore Drive,in Sabael. The cemetery is on private property,and the graves are unmarked.

Gravesite of Reuben Rist and wife - " In memory of Reuben Rist and his wife First settlers in Township #15 where they lived to a good old age." Grave on a hill south side of Route 28,west of the bridge over Lake Abanakee. The gravestone was provided by Henry Crandall of Glens Falls,to whom the Rists had given shelter when he was a young man.

The Cemetery at Little Canada - Off the path to John Pond. " Peter Savarie,born May 1,1886,son of Gideon Savarie and Olivia Moquin." and " Eliza Amelia King,born April 13,1883 of Abraham King and Olivia Moquin."

Gravesite of Alvin St. Onge - Located west of Corscadden Road in Big Brook,the gravesite consists of a cross,and is in the woods.Four - year old Alvin St. Onge died of diptheria on June 5,1897.

Pratt Road Gravesite - Just off Big Brook Rd.,south of Pratt Rd.. Thought to be the grave of a child. It is marked by a homemade cross.

Parkerville Cemetery - On Parkerville Rd.,1.3 miles south of Route 28.  Unmarked graves of relatives of Darwin Parker,who cleared much of the land in the area.

Chimney Mountain Cemetery - Unmarked graves of Albert Frank King and William E. King,both of whom died of diptheria in 1897.

Cedar River Cemetery - corner of Cedar River Road and Route 28/30. Land first purchased for cemetery in 1898. Incorporated in 1921,with Edward Brooks,Elmer Benton,and Isaac Kenwell as directors.

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery - east end of the hamlet,south side of Route 28. First burial 1902.

Blue Mt. Lake Cemetery - south side of Durant Road. Land donated by William West Durant in 1890.

Gravesite by railroad tracks. South side of tracks,east of trestle over the Hudson. Unknown person.