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    Sabael Benedict,an Abenaki Indian,was thought to have been born along the Penobscot River,in Maine. He may have been looking for an alternative to the decade of fighting known as the French and Indian War. At any rate,he ended up in the land the French called " The Dismal Wilderness." (Heller 20)  Sabael left his mark on a town,and did more when he (or possibly his son,Elijah) guided David Henderson and party to Iron Mountain,near present-day Newcomb. The iron found there eventually reached a production level of fourteen tons a day.And the Adirondack Iron and Steel Company's New Jersey plant was the first in America to make steel. (Wessels)

    One thing is for sure,Indian Lake's first permanent settler lived a long life. Legend has it that he was tweleve years old when he witnessed the Battle of Quebec in 1759. The British force,led by Major General James Wolfe,defeated the French,who were led by the Marquis de Montcalm.Sabael's father was most likely one Captain Benedict,who hunted for Wofe's army.(Day 77)

    Around 1762,Sabael was living on the shore of a small lake in the Adirondack Mountains,an area that would come to be known as Sabael,and a lake that would be called Indian Lake. The picturesque stream where they lived,and where Sabael's wife(who bore him four children)died,was later called Squaw Brook.After burying her near the banks of this brook,Sabael moved to a spot across the lake. He was living there when the Porters and Lockes arrived from Vermont,and probably when the Rists journeyed up from North River.




Sabael Benedict [ca.1747-1855] 


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